About Demos Action

Mission & Strategy

Demos Action works to promote a multi-racial populist economic and pro-democracy agenda while building the long-term progressive governing power it will take to give an equal say and an equal chance to all Americans.  It is a project of Tides Advocacy, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization.

Demos Action’s strategy for change is to provide bold, progressive policy and narrative ideas to shape the governing agendas of elected officials and political candidates in ways that will motivate the New American Demos: young people, people of color, women, and working-class people of all races. This coalition, representing the changing face of America, has the opportunity to increase voter engagement and turn ideas into public policy that will have a positive impact on all people's lives.

We seek to not only make the analytic case that mobilizing the New American Demos is the best strategy for building progressive power, but also provide the tools to help movement organizations, candidates, and public officials pursue this mobilization effectively. 

Demos Action’s Key Tools for Activists, Candidates, and Elected Officials

  • A Progressive Populist Economic & Pro-Democracy Agenda: Demos Action is working to promote a robust, multi-racial populist economic and pro-democracy agenda developed in collaboration with on-the-ground partners. This agenda includes policies on restoring debt-free college, promoting climate equity, raising job quality standards, providing every American with accessible child care, making homes affordable to all, and making elections fair and responsive.

  • Combating Strategic Racism by Uniting Race with Class: Demos Action has developed a set of messages and narrative guidance on how to talk about progressive policy effectively in a way that unites both class and race. This followed an in-depth research project involving detailed polling and cognitive linguistic analysis. The Race-Class Narrative project focuses on how to counter the right-wing’s strategic racism and foster solidarity across different racial groups, enabling progressives to sell popular policy ideas that have been undercut by dog-whistle tactics.

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