Key Resources


Policy Books

Mobilizing disaffected voters and developing progressive messaging requires more than running against Trump's agenda. Progressives need to tell the public what we’ll do to address the economic insecurity and race-based exclusion they face in their daily lives. Everyone’s Economy and Everyone’s America are federal and state policy books that outline dozens of problems with our economy and our democracy; detail clear solutions; and offer polling snap shots, talking points, and further resources.

Race-Class Narrative Research

In the age of dog-whistle politics, progressives need a direct response. The Race-Class Narrative research explores the central question of how to engage simultaneously around race and class in ways that strengthen social solidarity, reduce division and scapegoating, as well as create a viable foundation for progressive policy victories. These empirically-validated, race-explicit narratives beat out both opposition and color-blind populist framing among both base and persuadable voters. 

Other Resources

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Future of the Party Report

Data for Progress in collaboration with Justice Democrats has released a new report making the case for a progressive Democratic Party.

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Swing Left Academy

Swing Left Academy is a robust training program that incorporates video content, interactive webinars, and simulcast technology to provide volunteers nationwide with essential grassroots organizing skills in a way that has never been done before.

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Demos' Social Exclusion Series

This paper by Connie Razza is the first in a series of short pieces from Demos concerning the dynamics of social exclusion and the relationship between individual instances of hostility towards people of color in the United States and how that hostility is powered by our policy choices.