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How a 'Race-Class Narrative' Can Work for Democrats

New research suggests talking overtly about race can help progressives sell their message to persuadable voters.

By Elaine Godfrey in The Atlantic - 8/10/18


Progressive activists to Democratic leaders: talk about race or step aside

Progressive activists at Netroots Nation in New Orleans this past weekend had a message for the establishment of the Democratic Party: start talking about race or step aside.

By Alex Thompson in Vice News - 8/6/18

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Progressives urge Democrats to forge more 'multiracial, multicultural' party

Activists at Netroots Nation event contend that to win in November, Democrats must mobilize people of color and progressive white voters

By Lauren Gambino in The Guardian - 8/6/18

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Progressives urge Democrats to forge more 'multiracial, multicultural' party

At the annual Netroots Nation conference in New Orleans, progressives called for building a multiracial coalition and focusing on turnout, not winning back Democrats who voted for Trump.

By Elaine Godfrey in The Atlantic - 8/5/18

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Democrats Preview The 2020 Primary, And It's Intersectional, Antiestablishment, And Democratic Socialist–Friendly

At this year’s Netroots Nation, Democrats embrace the language of the new left.

By Ryan C. Brooks and Ruby Cramer in Buzzfeed News - 8/5/18


Trump and Russia used race to divide America. Now it's a national security problem

The Russians helped Trump by building on his efforts to inflame racial tensions and divide America. Now it's a national security problem that we must fix.

By Jason Sattler USA Today, Opinion - 7/19/18


Fetishizing “Identity Politics” Could Cost Democrats in 2020

A recent study by the liberal think tank Demos proves that “how” to attract the support of swing voters contravenes the race-class dichotomy fetishized by the media.

By Briahna Gray in The Intercept - 6/18/18


A unifying “race-class narrative”: Blueprint for progressive victory?

Progressive strategists find a way to break the divide: Focus on the “strategic racism” used to keep us apart

By Paul Rosenberg in Salon - 6/10/18


New Study: You Don’t Have to Choose Between ‘Populism’ and ‘Identity’

Anat Shenker-Osorio tells The Nation how talking racial justice amplifies progressive economic messages

By Joshua Holland in The Nation - 6/8/18


Democrats can win by tackling race and class together. Here's proof

The party is often asked to choose between courting white working-class voters and fighting racism but our research shows it can do both

By Ian Haney López, Anat Shenker-Osorio and Tamara Draut in The Guardian - 4/18/18

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